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Reality Marketing Revolution

Speaker: Eric Keiles

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 26:  8:00 PM - 11:30 PM (Lunch included)

Location:  Sheraton Imperial


Are you ready for the revolution? If so, this book gives you the tools to compete - and win - in today's tough-minded business world. You will market your company in an efficient, effective and profitable way and reap the work-life balance that can make entrepreneurship so rewarding, both financially and personally.

Reality Marketing Revolution™ will provide innovative marketing strategies and tactics to realistically meet the budgets and goals of your small- or medium-sized business. This book will reveal how you can slash your expenses and increase the response to your marketing, all the while generating more opportunities and accelerating growth and profits. Along with explaining how to identify, recognize and address customers' pains, it will guide you in making your company stand out from the rest of the herd and in structuring a Marketing Machine™ that will churn out sales. You will also learn how to use the Internet to your ultimate marketing advantage and build an effective information pipeline.

About Eric Keiles:

Eric Keiles travels nationwide to help entrepreneurs change the way they think about marketing to grow their businesses. This high-energy educational event is packed with stories, examples and techniques of business owners who have made changes to their marketing and seen huge success.

 Eric Keiles, Square 2 Marketing's Chief Marketing Officer, leads our team of Reality Marketing Roadies™ and teaches your group how to:

-Build a powerful Marketing Machine™
-Position your company as "Remarkable" and beat the competition
-Use low cost marketing tactics with huge ROI
-Expand your prospect database with inbound leads
-Understand how your buyers select a company like yours
-Switch from Outbound To Inbound marketing strategies
-Avoid the most common marketing mistakes