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Global Events Courtesy of Entrepreneurs' Organization Network 


Imagine connecting with hundreds of likeminded, social entrepreneurs in an inspiring and educational setting, all while networking and sharing and receiving unprecedented access to top venues and the best minds in business— every member in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has access to this and more learning opportunities through EO’s global events.

Whether you’re looking for next steps, best practices, tips or lessons learned, EO’s annual business networking events offer members the tools they need to excel in business and beyond. One of EO’s biggest events comes in the form of Universities, held twice a year in exotic locations around the world. These multi-faceted programs take members into the heart of thriving cities for a few days of intense entrepreneurial learning, business owner education, business-to-business networking and cultural engagement. Past Universities include:

  • EO Queenstown University
  • EO Cape Town University
  • EO Amsterdam University
  • EO Barcelona University
  • EO Berlin University
  • EO Orange Country University