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The Healthnetwork Foundation Provides Access to Leading Medical Staff 


For 25 years, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization has been helping members learn and grow as business, community, family and industry leaders. While entrepreneurial growth is at the forefront of everything EO does, equally as important is providing easy access to the resources needed to sustain successful and healthy personal lives. One way EO does this is through the Healthnetwork Foundation, a priceless tool available to every EO member around the world.

"My father had to undergo intensive surgery, and my family wanted only the best for him. We were able to place him in the number one hospital for what he needed. The Healthnetwork Foundation changed my father's wait time from months to days, and the head of the department conducted the surgery."

     -Miles Fawcett, iAPPS, EO DC 

The Healthnetwork Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing EO members and their immediate family members with access to the best medical care at the most respected hospitals in the world. Combining preventative care and crisis-handling, Healthnetwork will provide you with the medical resources you need most. If a member or one of his/her family faces an addiction, mental health need, illness or injury, Healthnetwork will connect them with leading doctors at the best facilities, offering outstanding service and peace of mind.

“Every time I've asked [Healthnetwork] for assistance, I have been overwhelmed by how efficient they are at securing the best possible physicians at the best hospitals in the country, in an incredibly courteous and professional manner. Healthnetwork is just one of the many amazing benefits of being a member of EO. I'm very thankful for having access to it.”
-Ted McLaughlin, EO Philadelphia