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Leading at the Speed of Growth

Speaker: Jana Matthews 

Date & Time:  October 17, 2012, 8:30am-1:00pm 

Location:  Sheraton Imperial


Your company is your idea, your risk, and your life. You are the leader. But as it grows, it needs to change; and your role must evolve to match those changes. Your challenge is to become the dynamic leader that your company needs through every stage of its growth.

The session goals for "Lessons in Leading a Growth Company" are to:

-Develop a shared understanding of leadership and what leaders do.

-Review The Growth Curve, the Three Stages of Growth, and discuss where your company stands 

-Describe the category of events that can throw companies into turbulence

-Discuss the leadership skills required to move the company through transitions and turbulence 

About Jana Matthews:

Dr. Jana Matthews is one of the world’s leading experts on entrepreneurial business growth. Through her work with hundreds of high-growth CEOs, executives and top teams around the world, she has identified the most common challenges growth companies face and has developed strategies and methods to overcome them. She has been named one of 18 Women Business Gurus in the world.

She has designed programs for organizations that support entrepreneurs, such as the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Young Presidents’ Organization, the Women Presidents’ Organization, Innovate South Australia, Industry New Zealand, and the US-Russia Center for Entrepreneurship.

She has been a Global Thought Leader for major corporations such as SAP. She served as a member of the original team at the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and is the founder of four entrepreneurial companies of her own, including The Jana Matthews Group, the internationally renowned consulting group specializing in entrepreneurial leadership and business growth.