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Negotiation Skills for the 21st Century

 Speaker: Greg Ferguson, Founder, Higher Plane Consulting

Date & Time:  Tuesday, March 19, 8:30-11:30

Location:  HUB Raleigh

711 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, NC 27603


The hard-nosed negotiating tactics of the 20th century are quickly becoming outdated. The entrenched battleground of negotiation (or non-negotiation) may still be alive in Congress, but in today’s everyday world, negotiating styles are changing rapidly. 

Do you know how to negotiate effectively without giving away too much? Do you know how to stay in control of negotiations? Do you know how to recognize and counter other effective negotiators? 

Description: This course teaches you how to negotiate effectively in any situation. 

Greg Ferguson, Founder, Higher Plane Consulting

Key Learning Objectives: 

 Thinking on your feet 

 The 4 key elements of any negotiation 

 Finding mutual agreement early 

 Starting talks from a position of understanding 

 Negotiating with powerful strategy 

 Recognizing and working with opposing styles 

 Uncovering and dealing with hidden agendas 

 What to do when talks are stalled 

 The single most important thing you must NEVER foregt