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The EO Mentorship Program Offers 1-on-1 Advice From Skilled Mentors 

Experience sharing— it’s at the heart of all we do at the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and it’s what fuels a majority of our business-growth and business entrepreneurship initiatives. One such initiative is the EO Mentorship Program, which offers members around the world the opportunity to work one on one with highly experienced mentors in an ongoing, structured mentorship. A big perk of EO membership and global entrepreneurship program, mentorship engages members in goal-driven relationships that accelerate personal and professional growth.

"EO played a huge part in my life when I needed it most. The ability to meet a business peer in a confidential setting allowed me to discuss deep-rooted critical issues in a comfortable environment. Both my business and personal life have grown because of it."

     -Chris Coutinho, Paystar Group, EO Charlotte 

Through the EO Mentorship Program, today’s young, emerging and veteran entrepreneurs are offered a chapter-based framework designed to help mentorships succeed, as well as a carefully designed matching process, member-facilitated training and ongoing follow-up with the chapter Mentorship Chair. Kristina Marshall, an Accelerator graduate and EO Detroit member, used the program to help her join the organization:

“All in all, this mentoring program is developing successful entrepreneurs at a time when we can create a new future for our city. Mentoring will help us create the future WE want. Over and over, we hear the EO mentors saying, ‘This has motivated me!’ or ‘I have learned so much from my mentee.’ Mentoring has an amazing impact on all involved, and it really is a two-way street. Both the mentors and mentees are gaining value, personally and professionally.”

While the EO Mentoring Programs are chapter-based, you can discover opportunities in your area by contacting your local chapter board. If you’re interested in connecting with successful entrepreneurs through EO mentorship, click here.