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The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness

Speaker: David Rendall

Date & Time:  Tuesday, August 28:  12:30 PM - 4:00 PM (Lunch included)

Location:  Sheraton Imperial


What do you wish you could change about yourself? Are you too loud or too quiet, too hyperactive or too sedentary, too organized or too messy? You get the idea.

Most people think that they should find and fix their weaknesses. However, most of us never make much progress trying to eliminate our worst traits. In fact, our weaknesses are actually the best clue to our strengths. In this funny and counter-intuitive talk, David shows how to find success and improve performance by starting with weaknesses — and embracing them rather than trying to deny them.

We will also complete an assessment, which will help you identify your unique strength/weakness combinations, and discuss how to use the freak factor to improve employee engagement and productivity. 

About David Rendall:

David Rendall is a speaker, leadership professor, stand-up comedian and endurance athlete. During the last ten years he has spoken to audiences throughout the United States, South America, Africa and Australia. His clients include AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Tyco International, the Australian Government, Potash Corp and Duke University.  

Prior to becoming a professor and speaker, he managed nonprofit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities. He has more than fifteen years of experience leading people and organizations. David has a doctor of management degree as well as a graduate degree in psychology. His first book was The Four Factors of Effective Leadership. His newest book is The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness.